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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Road Trip!

    - Danny Cowan

  • Jaiden Kurt, Untitled

    You didn't leave in time for your brothers wedding now you only have two days to get to your brother's wedding can you make it in time? Your objective is to avoid cars on your way to california. It turns out you're not the only one who was late now you have to fight off those who wish you to be even later. Don't forget to take pit stops for bathroom breaks

    Your brothers wedding is taking place in two days you completely forgot and now you have to hurry and put the pedal to the dont want to repeat what happned last year at his birthday you showed up a day late without even a card and your mother scolded you so much you now have allegrophobia and can't bear being late for anything anymore.

    The closer you get to california the more you see others who are late for the wedding and they're quite committed to not being the last to show up. They're throwing cans at your car for reason you still don't understand. As your car takes damage you must look for wrenches because everyone knows if you run over a wrench it repairs your vehicle.

    You have three lanes to drive in and you must dodge through traffic and avoid the other cars trying to make you more late. Make sure to manage your bladder too you only brought one extra pair of clothes. There are pit stops every 100 miles but with all the action and damage to your car it seems like your bladder get harder to control it.


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