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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: To The Skies

    - Danny Cowan

  • Luis Brito, Game Designer at Level-5, Chargers

    Chargers - Game Concept

    The year is 2031. Strides in Renewable Energy and Aerospace have enabled the creation of Chargers; flying vehicles that can operate solely on air intake. Wannabe racers ready for glory take to the skies to compete head to head with their tuned Chargers. Speed, drift, and shoot your way through multi-stage circuits to establish yourself as fastest in the world. But beware, for there are entities who enforce their air space, and they have no problem taking out trespassers.

    Chargers is Luftrausers-styled flight and controls with Speedrunners' courses and abilities, but with an added challenge: power is limited. Spend every bit of power to speed to the front or cruise along in the back, but the only way to get more is to take the pedal off the metal. Pilots race through levels tactically stalling their engines and drifting through tight corridors. Utilize modifiers in each course to get an extra boost or disable competitors long enough to gain the lead.


    Complete the required laps and follow the course to reach the finish first.

    Control the vehicle by applying throttle and rotating clockwise or counterclockwise. The more throttle applied, the more the vehicle accelerates in the direction it's facing. The faster vehicles fly, the slower they rotate, so ease up on the throttle to make tighter turns.

    Throttle can only be applied when vehicles have power. Gain power by gliding without throttle, flying through another racer's jet stream, or through specific modifiers on the course.


    Traps and mysterious phenomena on the course change and activate as racers fly through. The more power a pilot's charger has stored, the stronger the effects.

    Chargers are so efficient, they redirect excess energy. This can be good or bad. -Some Engineer

    Energy Storms provide piloted vehicles with infinite power for 2 seconds.

    Mines momentarily disable pilot control of Chargers for 2 seconds. Bigger mines work longer.

    Ball Lightning is shot in the forward direction of any vehicle that comes in contact, resulting in Mine-like results for enemies in the path. Ball Lightning is more effective the more powerful the Charger.

    Iron Clouds slow Chargers down as pilots maneuver through their debris.


    There are two game modes: Race and Score Trial.

    • Race - The first player to cross the finish line wins.

    • Score Trial - The player who makes it across the finish with the highest score wins.

    Points are granted based on 3 criteria:

    • Takedowns - disabling competitors' chargers

    • Assets - how many modifiers pilots maneuver through or utilize successfully.

    • Time - time taken to complete the race

    Between races, pilots can upgrade their Charger's speed, power efficiency, and handling with the points they've earned. Compete against AI and Player piloted Chargers to take each Cup! Rule the skies through creative use of Modifiers, knowledge of the routes, and aerobatics.


    References: Luftrausers, Steambirds, UN Squadron, RocketsRocketsRockets, Aerobat, SpeedRunners

    Players: 2-8

    Platforms: PC, Switch, Xbox One, PS4


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