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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Your Cheatin' Heart

    - Danny Cowan

  • Senny Nguyen, Student at University of Montevallo, Vampires, Witches, and Hunters

    This is a board game with uses of cards and dice. The theme of the of the game is of course about Vampires, Witches, and Hunters.

    The game is a chase game with a cheating mechanic within the game. The objective is to hunt down the enemy players, but the problem is you don't know who's an alley and who's the enemy.

    Everyone will receive identification cards. 1 vampire card, 1 witch card, 1 hunter card. You choose what you want to be at the beginning and put the other cards to the side.

    Everyone has 3 chips that will be called "gold".When you run out you lose.

    On the board will be spaces throughout with many start spaces (depending on the maximum players count) and no end space. The paths loop around.

    D6 is available for you to move around the board.You will move around using color coded pieces indicating where you are on the space.

    Spaces will either be empty or allow you to draw "Fate" cards with an indicator on the space."Fate" cards are cards that either help you draw "Expose", "Scan", "Hidden Veil", "Heal", or "Weapon" cards."Expose" lets you see an opponent of your choice their current identity. This is one of the cheating mechanic because this allows you to know whether they are an alley and enemy. Least abundant card besides "Hidden Viel"."Scan" cards are cards that let you see anyone of your choice their inventory which either consist of "Heal" or "Weapon" cards. This is also another cheating mechanic."Hidden Viel" are cards that will deflect "Exposure" cards. There is only 1.

    More abundant cards:"Heal" cards allow you to change your identity depending on what you are. If you are a Vampire you can revert to being a Witch.If you are a Witch you will revert to a Hunter.If you are a Hunter it will have no effect."Weapon" cards can be used when you catch an "opponent", which is when you land on a space that is shared with someone else on your turn.If you are a Vampire you can not use a weapon.If you are a Witch you can use a weapon on a Vampire or a Hunter and gain 1 gold.If you are a Hunter you can use it on a Vampire or Witch for 3 and 2 gold respectively.

    These are the effects of when you catch an "opponent" by landing on the same space with no card aid. If Hunter and Vampire share the same space Hunter lose 1 gold to them and they turn into a Witch. If a Witch and Vampire share the same space Witch will lose 1 gold and turn into a Vampire.If a Witch and Hunter land on the same space Hunter will lose 1 gold and turn into a Witch.If the same identity land on the same space there is no effect.


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