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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Get On Board

    - Danny Cowan

  • Jase Goodson, Student at University of Montevallo, Mystery Dinner Party Murder

    Mystery Dinner Party Murder is a video game version of the board game, Clue. Mystery Dinner Party Murder is an online, multiplayer game in which a party of 7 in which each player will don the first-person viewpoint a classic Clue character. Once each player has been assigned a character (each with their own unique traits), one player will randomly be selected as the killer. The players would move from room to room, trying to find clues that would identify the murderer.

    The clues would consist of pieces of hair, fingerprints, torn fabric, footprints, etc. Every few minutes, the game will stop and allow players to choose the culprit from a list of the other players. Once everyone makes an accusation, the person with the most votes is eliminated. If that player is the killer, the game ends with everyone else as winners. However, if the person voted out was innocent, the rest of the players must continue the game.

    While the rest of the players are searching for clues, the killer isn't simply twiddling their thumbs. Their goal is to kill all the other players without being discovered. The killer has access to an assortment of weapons, a map, and the ability to interact with the environment (turning off lights, causing fake screams or gunshots, and laying fake clues) Once a player is killed, they view the rest of the game from the viewpoint of the remaining players, but cannot communicate through in-game chat to alert their allies.

    Once there are only three players remaining, and the final meeting is called, they convene around the table and vote one person out. If the killer is one of the remaining two, they are revealed and chase the other player around until that player is killed.


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