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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Get On Board

    - Danny Cowan

  • Zane Wilson, Student at University of Montevallo, Mille Bornes: Hypersonic

    Mille Bornes: Hypersonic is an arcade like racer with tremendous amounts of speed and destruction. This would be like if Redline and Burnout had a baby, then F-ZERO and Wipeout had a baby and then, well you know the rest. In the year 4771 Earth has become a peaceful place of warless nations, clean environments, interplanetary colonization and boundless free energy.

    Everything is tranquil... and boring as hell. Life everywhere has become stale and vapid. All manner of sports and leisure have fallen out of interest with people as it is seen as fostering "unhealthy" competition. Even music is no longer a haven for imagination and creativity, except for one. At this time in Rouen, a wealthy French musician by the name of Petrichor ponders this problem and knows that she must not be the only one who feels this way. Thinking of a way to create something exciting besides, music she thinks about her love of racing and remembers the monorails around the worlds that can travel at Mach 5.

    She quickly goes to an independent contractor to create racing vehicles that can travel up to Mach 10. Word quickly gets around that Petrichor is going to be hosting an enormous interplanetary race. The few freethinkers that are left prepare for the race and while some will drive competition sponsored vehicles, others create their own death defying speedsters. The race also attracts the attention of practically every person in the solar system. People do not know what to make of it and everyone is watching. The race will go from Earth to Mars then to Ganymede and finally end on Titan.

    While this game is centered on break-neck speed, the art style would be akin to art deco, with a soundtrack composed of a combination of jazz, hip-hop, electronic and rock'n roll. Players will choose a racer and enter some grand prix and get to racing. The vehicles will have an arcade feel and be able to boost. Boosting would be mixture of F-ZERO and Burnout where players could either build up boost by ramming other racers, drafting etc. or they could try to collect it from pick-ups. These however, would be quite difficult to find and retrieve. No weapons will be available to drivers. They must use their vehicles as weapons if they want to attack. Depending on where you ram an opponent causes different effects. Certain areas that would be affected are the tires, gas tank, engine, and the vehicle's speed itself. Ramming other vehicles in a certain way could either increase or decrease their speed so it would be a risk to attack other racers.

    There would also be light RPG elements such as aesthetic customization and small tweaks to your cars performance. Throughout races players earn points like earning boost albeit at a slower rate. If a player can rack up 1000 points in one race they receive a special coup-fourre that is permanent and drastically alters the playing field.


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