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  • 45 Distinct Match-3 Mechanics

    - Kirill Razumovskiy

  • 31. Transformation

    Additional elements of a certain color. When they are matched together, they produce one normal element of the same color.

    32. Item down + obstacle

    A special element drops down and encounters an immovable obstacle on the way. Afterwards both element and obstacle disappear.

    33. Moving character

    Every turn, this character changes its location on the grid. In order to remove the character, player needs to make a match next to it one or several times. Some characters can only move on restricted cells. Other can block playable elements on the grid.

    34. Obstacle removed by bonus elements only

    An obstacle of this kind can only be removed with special bonus elements that are created by making a match of 4 and more elements.

    35. Movable part of the grid

    A movable part of the grid, with elements on it, can be moved to one of the special empty slots on the grid. Moving the grid does not consume a turn.

    36. Exploding elements

    When three special elements are matched together, they form a super element that explodes and destroys all the elements that surround it.

    37. Question mark

    The grid contains elements shaped as a question mark. This question mark can hide an obstacle or a booster. In order to find out what is hidden behind the question mark, the player needs to make a match with it.

    38. Immovable obstacle removed by certain elements

    In order to remove an immovable obstacle, player needs to match specific elements next to it. The obstacle contains a hint. After the required number of elements is collected, the obstacle disappears from the grid.

    39. «Cup of coffee»

    In order to receive a cup of coffee, player needs to go through several stages of its production: coffee beans - coffee maker - kettle - coffee cup. For the coffee element to go from one stage to the next, player needs to match any elements next to it. The cups have to be collected by matching three of them together.

    40. Element generators

    The grid contains immovable characters. When a match is made next to them, they yield an additional element which is immediately automatically collected.

    41. Element moving direction change

    After player makes a match on the grid, elements will not drop down to the freed place like on regular levels but instead move in a direction shown by an arrow. They can move upwards or sideways.

    42. Activated immovable obstacles

    In order to remove these elements from the field, the player needs to ignite all the elements of this type. In order to ignite them, the player needs to make a match next to them.

    43. Target shooting

    Player needs to match elements to shoot at characters placed above the grid. Matched elements shoot up in the column where they were matched. If the character is in the same column, the shot hits.

    44. Flood

    By making matches on a grid with certain elements, player fills rows of the grid with liquid, starting from the bottom. In the part of the grid that is filled with liquid, new elements will float up from the bottom. In the places with no liquid, new elements will drop down from the top.

    45. Clearing a path

    A character is on one side of the grid, a door is on the other side. Between the character and the door, the grid cells are covered by layers. After player clears all the layers that prevent the character from reaching the door, the character escapes through it.

    Other level mechanics

    If you know other interesting mechanics example, it would be great if you post it in your comment!


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