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  • DreamHack Atlanta Showcase Postmortem

    - Victor Burgos
  • (Originally appeared here: )

    DreamHack Atlanta 2019 Postmortem


    Alright, so some backstory here. I had reached out to DreamHack via their contact form on their website sometime in October (not sure exactly when since I can't find a message from them saying they received it). 

    They reached out on November 3rd, wondering if anyone had contacted me yet. If not, they had a few spots open and was wondering if I wanted to showcase our game. 

    I was like, heck yeah, how much would it cost me? They said that they try to help out Indies as much as possible. The only thing I absolutely had to take care of would be the electricity and table/chairs if I didn't want to bring my own. 

    It was a 10x10 booth at a pretty high traffic event for roughly $500 (for booth anyway). I was in. There was some back and forth to see if I could snaggle my way into their "Indie Zone" (which I figured would have the highest traffic), but due to timing (last minute) that was a no-go. I was given booth 716. 

    I paid the invoice on the 8th. On the 10th, I requested that they fix their expo map to at least state Burgos Games versus Midwest Esports.

    I figured they would be able to get it done in 5 days...nope...The whole time it never was updated. So, I did what I had to do and on social media had a photoshopped map.

    So, for the event I wanted to get some banners, business cards and whatever I could. However, due to the timing, a lot of things couldn't get shipped to me in time. Vistaprint had the retractable banner stand I wanted, but it would arrive late. So I had to go to Staples for my stuff. I'll list prices towards the end. All the while doing this, I still have to manage the team and do my own work on the project while making sure the demo is as perfect as possible. 

    I outsourced the Vertical Banner design on fiverr: 

    While we had an image we've been using for horizontal banners:

    I also hadn't put up a Steam store page yet (shame on me, I had it on my list of to-do forever). However, I was able to do the page on Tuesday, and have it approved on Wednesday before the expo, so it all worked out... sort of :) 

    I had already printed out the banners and business cards before the store was approved, so I couldn't add any icons on the banner or info on the business cards. 

    The front:

    The back:

    Also interestingly enough, I had been waiting forever to get our Discord server verified...that happened on Tuesday. I had the forethought to have a dedicated discord invite link and just have a placeholder URL that would redirect to our Discord server. So this wasn't very much an issue. But it's nice to have a url now :)

    Getting back to Steam, we've been approved for launch on Xbox One and PS4 however we have been denied by Nintendo twice so far for release on Switch, even though this would be a perfect game for that platform! I was hoping that by producing some stats over the event (social media impressions, Steam wishlist numbers, etc) I could use them for my third attempt (I never give up BTW, [email protected] denied me the first time around, got them on the second)!


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