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  • Using The Steam Playtest Feature: Our Results

    - Hernan Smicht
  • What is this?

    It's a really easy tool to try your build/demo/content with the steam community.

    When activated (you can start it and finish it whenever you want to) this tool shows a banner in your store page that contains a request access button for your playtest, so everybody who wants to join just clicks on it and requests access.

    You will need to upload some images and stuff (beside the build), but if you already have your store page up and running it is not too much work.

    (Guess who forgot to take a screenshot of his own playtesting banner...)

    What were we looking for?

    We are building a car shooting game called "Desert Pirates", more on the side of a Roguelike with some RPG elements, in which the player can play as the leader of a post apocalyptic war convoy.

    In the playtest players were able to try the gameplay and the feeling of the basic core of the game. We wanted to nail that stuff before getting into the next big features.

    For us was THE moment, because from there the game can really have a BIG turn focusing on what people want for games like this one :)

    Also, this was the first playtest with real users, not dev friends (fear++).

    Getting all the feedback!

    For compiling all the feedback we wanted to have, we invested time into building a feedback system. Basically, at the end of the "demo" we launch 10 questions for the players. Things like: "is the game fun for you", "what you liked more", "what doesn't", etc; we use checkboxes for some and also input text for players to write wherever they want (we also put a quick feedback tool in-game).

    I wouldn't recommend doing a playtest without a feedback tool. Seriously.

    Getting feedback from targeted players is really hard! I used to go to conventions for getting feedback from players, but those are not around these days (at least for now), and also, not all of them are the players for your game.

    We made some social shares on post-apocalyptic sites, including fans of Gaslands, Mad Max, etc, to find some of our players.


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