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  • Book Review: Basic Game Design and Creation for Fun and Learning

    - Brad Kane

  • Feature!Simplistic but Effective

    The major drawback to a book like this is the obvious one–Game Maker is not what commercial designers use to create their games. The design experience in this book is fairly particular to how that software application runs, and this makes for a design experience that is simplified.
    For this reason, we don't see this one being used in game design colleges, but it could certainly be useful in more introductory classroom situations, such as high schools or junior colleges.

    Still, this is a sound introduction to the principles of game design, and as the underlying design principles do reflect what you’d find at the commercial level, there’s certainly value to be found here. So if you’re willing to give this book one a shot and learn the ins and outs of Game Maker 6.1, you will indeed find this book both an educational and enjoyable introduction to game design.





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