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  • Brain Wave Games 4Learning

    - Paras Kaul
  •  What is Brain Wave Gaming?

    When I strap on the IBVA4 headband and settle into the electrode studs, I become that “brain wave chick,” a name coined by a former colleague in music, now assistant professor at Stanford, Dr. Mark Applebaum. Then I focus my attention in the 3D gaming environment. I work to calm my thoughts and filter out noise factors in the mind. As I become calm, and the mental chatter ceases, a magical connection is made to another time and space. Simultaneously, I observe that objects in the gaming environment begin to move with the rhythms of my brain waves. If I check a raw data window in the software, I can see the frequencies and amplitudes of the neural signaling. I watch as the predominant frequencies begin to lower from the high beta activity I experienced when I first started the game. Frequencies are monitored from 0 to 40 Hz, which is within the normal range of human neural activity. The peak values of the amplitudes of the signals have also lowered, and when I observe the coherence data, I see there is greater balance between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Now I have tuned my brain to a degree sufficient to interact with the objects and sounds in the gaming environment.

    Calm brain waves with predominant alpha activity
    that is coherently balanced between the left
    hemisphere and right hemisphere of the brain.

    As I relax to a greater degree, I see changes in the animation and in the audio, and I begin to identify mental and physical conditions that are associated with the changes. Each time I tune into this game and am able to discover new ways of interacting in the environment. The more I play the game, the more I am able to incorporate the skills I develop from gaming into life.


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