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  • Brain Wave Games 4Learning

    - Paras Kaul

  •  Crossings and Crop Circles Brain Wave Games

    I have been developing prototypes of brain games for learning since 1997 and researching neurological learning and nonverbal communication since 1992. In doing so, I have developed 2 prototypes for games using IBVA4. The second of these games, Crossings, was recently presented at the Dana Centre Museum of Science in the UK. The object of the game is to submerge a boat under water, to make different colored lotus flowers move out of a water environment, and to raise and rotate a spirit object in the 3D gaming environment. The animation used in this environment is all brain wave animation, which means that all of the objects are moved by brain switches assigned to waveform frequencies, amplitudes, and overall coherence of the brain’s activity. Brain wave switches are also set to activate audio sounds from digital instruments built into Apple's operating system.

    Gaming environment for the Crossings brain wave game

    Crop Circles, the most recent brain game, presented at SIGGRAPH 2006 in Boston has the most sophisticated brain wave animation, whereby one of the crop circles that was discovered near Stonehenge, England was simulated and designed to move backwards and forwards on the Z-axis with a brain wave switch that measures peak values of wave amplitudes. Brain switches also move individual spheres that comprise the crop circle formation up and down on the Y-axis. The object of this game is to be able to predetermine which sphere is moving where, and to make that motion happen with brain waves.

    Simulation of the crop circle near Stonehenge in the Crop Circles game.


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