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  • Brain Wave Games 4Learning

    - Paras Kaul

  •  Tuning in via Artificial Intelligence

    Most of the video and computer games available today require excellent eye, hand coordination to acquire best scores. A game using artificial intelligence requires an alternative type of skill to succeed. This skill requires mental acuity, which is based on the condition of one’s neural activity, more specifically on the brain's ability to function by instruction. Without instruction, the brain functions randomly on its own. Brain wave gaming increases one's ability to control how the brain functions, which is referred to as brainpower. Increased brainpower expands perceptual awareness by stimulating a greater portion of the brain.

    Brainpower is acquired in many ways. Even the diet one has chosen will influence the frequency, amplitude, and coherence of brain wave signals. Audible frequencies of human brain wave signals range between 0 and 40 Hz. High frequency signaling between 30 and 40 Hz would, more than likely, accompany high blood pressure and occur under stress. During this state one is likely to have a more weakened immune system. The overall condition of the physical body plays a significant role in the type of brain wave activity that is triggering. The body—mind connection is vital. Reading and understanding brain waveform data is required knowledge for playing brain games. It is also critical to teach oneself how to regulate brain wave activity in order to achieve the appropriate amount of brainpower for optimal performance of a particular task.


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