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  • Student Postmortem: DigiPenís Toblo

    - Steve Chiavelli

  •  What Went Right

    Working together. One the most significant factors in our success was the dedication to work together as a team as often as possible. We chose a central location to meet every day and code on Toblo. This ensured that there were no misunderstandings or lack of communication, since we could consult any member of the team at any point in time.

    Engine Design. The main game engine design incorporated in Toblo was heavily inspired by the book Game Coding Complete by Mike McShaffry. All aspects of our code base were crafted with the model/view, event-driven standard described by McShaffry. Striving towards this criterion kept our code extremely modular and ensured that we never had to go into other people’s code to accomplish our tasks.




    Project Management Software. We used software called Trac to assist the team with bug tracking and task management. This was vital to keeping the game bug free and on schedule. Any member of the team could create a ticket and assign it to another member. This ensured that small bugs didn’t slip through the cracks and were addressed immediately.

    Play-testing. Play-testing (discussed further in a past article) began as soon as it became practical. We were collecting tester data from the moment a playable version of the game was up and running. This exposed some major flaws in our game design and mechanics, and allowed us to go through several iterations before settling on a final product.

    Game Design Change. As a result of our play-testing, we were able to assess that our original game design was not working out as we had hoped. Instead of trying to salvage it, we scrapped the design entirely and came up with a new one tailored to our existing technology. Luckily we acted on this early enough that we were able to get our new gameplay features implemented and sufficiently polished.





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