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  • Student Thesis: Problems of Game Audio

    - Tapio Liukkonen


    The aim of the thesis was to research how to improve computer game audio. However, the thesis did not focus on the technical side of it. Instead, the focus was on co-operation between the producing team and the sound designer. The aim of the thesis was to study problems in game audio and find ways to avoid them. Furthermore, the thesis studied the ways in which a sound designer can improve his own creativity.

    The approach used in this thesis assumes that the readers have the basic knowledge of digital sound and working methods. The purpose was to introduce game making process and describe how sound belongs to it. This thesis did not concentrate on game music because that is its own special area. Instead, the focus is on other game audio working areas such as sound effects and voice over.

    There is not much literature on game sound but nevertheless, there are a few very good books. Each of them has its own special area. Marks Aaron’s ”Game Audio” focuses on business, contract and basic issues of game audio. George Sanger’s ”The Fat Man On Game Audio” tells about the traditions of the game audio industry Alexander Brandon’s ”Audio For Games; Planning, Process, And Production” offers a comprehensive view on game audio in the game making process.

    The viewpoint taken in this thesis was to research and demonstrate the problems of game audio and consider how a sound designer can use creativity to create a more interesting atmosphere in the game. The topic was researched by studying source literature and interviewing game audio professionals. The thesis also includes some concrete sound works that the author of the thesis has done while working with the theoretical part of the thesis. These samples support the theoretical part.

    "Problems of Game Audio" by Tapio Liukkonen, North Karelia University Of Applied Sciences, 80 pages, Adobe Acrobat.


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