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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Spoken Word

    - Jill Duffy

    Matt Roberts, level design student at The Guildhall at Southern Methodist University, Alphawhat

    Game, multiple-player type, version 1, non-possessive, RTP (Ready to play): Alphawhat
    My submission for this week's challenge is derived from my time in the army, and as such is simple and easy for anyone to understand...perhaps even confusion-proof.

    I propose a game involving a take on the phonetic alphabet, i.e., Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta. The twist is that here players take turns making up new words for their own phonetic alphabet.

    For example:

    Player 1: Apple.
    Player 2: Brimstone.
    Player 3: Cannery.
    Player 4: Delicious.
    Player 1: Eczema.

    Yes, the game is simple, but that's what makes it playable. There are minimal rules and a decided lack of traditional goal-minded competitive gameplay. What makes the game charming is the capacity for silliness coupled with playability for all age groups.

    Naturally, a game played between rowdy young men would differ from a game played between grandparents and their grandkids ... hopefully the two games are not played within earshot of each other. Also fun and interesting is the natural patterns that will emerge as people take turns after one another.

    Simple, yes, but definitely playable and easily transmissible.


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