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  •'s Game Design Challenge: Why Did Frogger Cross the Road?

    - Manveer Heir and staff
  • Title Box: GameCareerGuide's Game Design Challenge: Why Did Frogger Cross the Road?'s Game Design Challenge is an exercise in becoming a game developer, asking you to look at games in a new way -- from the perspective of a game creator, producer, marketer, businessperson, and so forth.

    Each Wednesday we'll present you with a challenge about developing video games. You'll have one week to brainstorm a brilliant solution (see below for how to submit your answers). The following week, the best answers and the names of those who submitted them will be posted along with some commentary.

    The Challenge
    Write the story of Frogger.

    Assignment Details
    Story and narrative have become increasingly a large part of games, with most genres containing involved narratives that are weaved around the player. Before there was Master Chief and the fight against the Covenant, before Sonic was trying to stop Dr. Robotnik, and Mario was constantly trying to foil Bowser (and Donkey Kong), games existed with little to no story at all.

    Frogger was one such game. Tasked with crossing a busy street without dying, Frogger pits player reflexes against difficult, fast-moving obstacles. However, why is this little frog crossing the street? If this game were being created today, what would his (or her) motivation be? What does Frogger do once he reaches the other side?

    Write the story that encapsulates the entire game Frogger. It's important to keep the story relevant to the game: explain Frogger's motivations, and how (if at all) the story will weave into the game. It's important to note that you cannot change the core game of Frogger itself at all. This exercise is about creating a story where none exists. Please keep stories under 500 words! It's Frogger after all, not a novel.

    Hint: Use details from the game in your story to make it more relevant.

    To Submit
    Brainstorm ideas for your answer or ask questions on the forum. Note that this week, the forum thread for the Game Design Challenge is in the Writing section. When your submission is complete, send it to [email protected] with the subject line "Design Challenge: Frogger." Please type your answer directly in the email body. Be sure to include your full name and school affiliation or job title, and try to keep your answers to 500 words or fewer.

    Entries must be submitted by Wednesday, January 28, 2009.
    The responses for this challenge will appear the week of February 2, 2009.

    Disclaimer: is not responsible for similarities between the content submitted to the Game Design Challenge and any existing or future products or intellectual property. Ribbit.


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