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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: DSiWare

    - staff

  • Stuart Lilford, University of Wolverhampton, Color Catcher

    Color Catcher is a fun, simple little game where you are required to hunt down and take pictures of the colors that come up on the screen. For example the DSi screen comes up asking you to locate the color: RED, so you look around and see the red lamp in the corner of the room, you take a photo and *SNAP* you get a tick and move on to the next one. Now you must find the color: LIGHT BLUE. There's clear skies outside, maybe you could snap that? 

    There are four modes in total-

    Practice Mode: This is where you can practice the three types of games that come up in the challenge mode. They are- 

    • Single Color Challenge - the DSi comes up with one color that you must find and take a photo of to complete. 
    • The Color Mixer Challenge - You are given one color, and must take photos of two colors that create it (for example if it says green, you take a photo of something blue, then something yellow)
    • Double Color Challenge - You are given two colors and must find an image with both colors to complete (For example if you got black and white, a newspaper would come in handy)

    Challenge Mode: You are given a time limit of around three minutes, where you must complete as many of the above challenges as you can. Getting Points for how quickly the challenge is completed and also how close your photo is to the color on the DSi (obviously, you can't always get it 100%, so you have to get it as close as you can). The screen also tells you, what color you have to catch next, so you can be thinking about it when your snapping the current one.

    Color Chart: This is a chart of a large amount of colors, showing you which ones you've 'caught' and those that you haven't, giving it a "Gotta Catch 'em All" appeal. You can also save colors as 'Favorites'.

    Free Play Mode: Say you've almost 'caught' all of the colors and you only have one shade of green to go and you see a bush that fits it exactly, open free play and save it to your list of colors in your color chart- chart complete! This also comes in handy if you are trying to think of colors to paint the spare bedroom, say you were at a friends house and you think that the color of their wallpaper would look great. Use free play to catch it and add it to your favorite colors to try it later.

    When photos are taken it would convert it to a color in the color chart, then ticking it as caught, discarding the actual photo, so there is no unnecessary space wastage. Color Catcher is compact amusing experince, that keeps in with Nintendo's distinctive style, using the DSi's new camera ability and a small enough application to be downloaded via the DSiWare Network and simple enough to be cheap and affordable.


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