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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: DSiWare

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  • Michael Danquah, Where's My Chameleon?

    ‘Where's my chameleon?' is a Hide-and-Seek game that utilizes the camera on the DSi to make your own levels.

    Game synopsis:

    You, the player, are the proud owner of a cute little chameleon that uses its camouflage techniques hide in plain sight. Your chameleon has a reason for hiding. It's a lazy lizard that likes to snooze and not be disturbed. Surprisingly it will go trough great lengths to find a place to sleep. It's up to you to find your lazy yet tricky lizard friend, where ever he may be hiding.


    As the player you will search each level for your chameleon. To complete a level you must find out where he's hiding. Easier said then done, since it can blend in with its environment. Players will have to have a good eye to find him as he rest while camouflaged.


    On the top screen the player has a view of the whole level. On the bottom screen you navigate though the level using your stylus. To navigate you press the L shoulder button to toggle to the camera, touch the screen with the stylus and drag the camera to where you want to look (see image below). You can zoom in on the level for a closer look with up and down on the directional pad. When you think you found your chameleon, tap on the screen where he is. If where you tap is not where he is then the game counts it as a miss. When you miss to much, its game over for the player.


    • Difficulty: The game will have 3 different difficulty levels
      • Easy: The chameleon will have a thin body outline and the player will have 5 tries to find his/her chameleon per level.
      • Normal: The chameleon will have a natural outline (not an actual drawn outline). The player will have 4 tries to find his/her chameleon per level.
      • Hard: The chameleon will almost completely transparent and have no outline. The player will have 3 tries to find his/her chameleon per level.
    • Levels: The game will come with 15 pre-made levels and will be able to use pictures taken by the DSi that are on the system itself or on the SD card.
      • The chameleon will be hiding in random places. This way, the levels will always be different every time you play.
      • Pictures taken by the player will be processed by the game and will determine where the chameleon could be hiding realistically. This will prevent it from ending up floating somewhere in the sky or on a wall(see fig2).
    • Leaderboards: The game will keep a local leaderboards per level on time and attempts made.

    This game takes advantage of the DSi's outer camera so players can use them as their own levels. Because of this feature, the game really becomes an unique experience for every DSi owner.


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