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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: DSiWare

    - staff

  •  Eric Studer, Associate Producer, Rain or Shine

    High Concept:

    Control the weather of a small town to help or hinder its citizens.


    Hold the DS upside down with the touch screen on top, and use the stylus and microphone to create weather patterns to affect the town below.  Weather types include: rain, snow, wind, sunshine, and any combination of those.

    To Create...

    Clouds: Draw small concentric circles in a small area until a cloud forms.  It won't produce precipitation until it reaches a certain size.  The type of precipitation is determined by whether the cloud is on the top or bottom half of the screen.  The bottom half of the screen produces rain, the top snow.  Clouds can only be a quarter of the screen wide, meaning that you will have to generate more than one cloud to fulfill some requests.

    Wind: Blow into the microphone.  The longer you blow, the stronger the wind becomes.  This clears away clouds, but can also cause wind storms for the citizens.

    Sunshine: The sun moves across the very top of the screen.  It moves from right to left, and when it's made the complete trip, it changes to the moon and repeats the process.  When the sun is out, you draw lines from its location to the direction of the desired spot on the bottom screen.

     The Town:

    The citizens should be no more than a few pixels tall, and the houses not much larger than that.  There isn't a variety of buildings; just the same building replicated over and over depending on the number of citizens.  On the left of the screen are the crop fields, the center has all of the buildings, and the right side of the screen has a Ferris wheel and beach.  Everything created on the top screen falls to the bottom.  The town is drawn from an isometric viewpoint.

    Example Requests:

    • Make it rain for the crops.
    • Make it sunny for a day at the beach.
    • Make it snow for Christmas.
    • Make it windy to blow out a fire.
    • Create fun looking clouds without making it rain for a day of sky-gazing. Bonus points: create extra sunshine for a more pleasurable day.

    How to Take a Request:

    Requests appear as exclamation points over different parts of the town.  You press any button to accept the request.  A dialog box appears on the bottom screen explaining what the request is.

    Winning and Losing:

    You can't lose the game you can only dissatisfy your citizens.  They will continue to give you requests in the hope that you will eventually satisfy their needs.  Access to bonuses like the ability to make rainbows or create thunderstorms depends on the (un)happiness of your town.  The population of the town grows and decreases based on their happiness.  The goal is to play with the weather and see how it affects the citizens.  This is more of a toy than an actual game.


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