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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: DSiWare

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  • Robert Gauss, Operations Research Analyst, Beasts Within

    Capture the Beast within anyone!  Snap their picture, and watch them morph into a Beast in front of your eyes!  Take your Beast Cards and fight other Beast Masters savage opponents in a 3-on-3 paws to claws battle.  Expand your encyclopedia and renew your creatures online.  Happy hunting!

    The Beast Cards

    Once this application is downloaded, you create Beast Cards from your friend's faces.  An algorithmically simple (with a small touch of random) biometric program creates key points based on the photo.  With a "snap" of the outer camera, the Beast Card is matched to the best Beast in an ever-growing catalog of Beasts from DLC boosters.

    Beasts have two attacks, one defense, and a special move assigned to each Beast Card.  Certain attributes, like hit points and elemental weakness, are printed on the card.  One type of beast, through the joy of slight random variation, may have different attributes, attacks, defenses, and specials.

    The Battles

    Each player lines up their three beasts secretly, front to back.  Each turn they may attack or special, while the opponent chooses the best defense, special, or does nothing in response.  After both players have attacked, the cards may be rearranged for the next round.  The first player to have all three Beasts defeated loses.  The Battle application utilizes the stylus to drag cards around and selecting attacks and defenses.

    The Online Component

    Not only are Beast Boosters (free and premium) downloaded onto SD card catalogs, they have to be unlocked with the right portrait.  All Beasts on your SD card can be healed once a day by connecting to the Beasts Within website.

    The Utilities

    Export your Beast morph portraits to your social networking sites and blogs via SD card.  Sites that allow animated images can show the entire morph, and those that only take stills can take a snapshot of any stage of the morph.  Sliders for size, quality, stills, and a check box for animation will control the exported image.

    Export your Beast Cards to image files on the SD card for printing.  Take your printed cards (preferably on a card stock) and play the game offline.  Cards will be a folded card of the card front and card back as printed.  Rules for other offline games using the cards will be on the Beasts Within website periodically.


    Beasts Within uses the stylus, camera, DSi Ware shop, the special Beasts Within website, system link, and the ability to export images to the SD cart for other uses.  Some research about how the "recharging" of the Beasts online will be necessary.  The offline games will further enhance the experience as you share or trade your cards with your friends.  The target audience is:  Pokemon, RPG, and CCG players, as well as people who want to morph faces into beasts and use those pictures in other applications.


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