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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: The New Sound

    - staff

  • Paolo Tajè, Software Developer at Siemens Building Technologies, .Rhythm.Robot.Step.Loop.

    Platform: Nintendo DS
    Genre: Rhythm Puzzle

    In this game you interact using a step sequencer.
    A step sequencer is a device that allows you to create a looping pattern of sounds.
    The pattern of sounds will be used to control a robot in the upper screen.
    The upper screen will also contain the current score.
    The score will be higher the fewer loops the player will use to solve the beat.
    A beat is a unique pattern that allows the robot to reach the goal.
    A goal is a specific area in the level.
    Every level contains various threats, as in every good game.
    Threats include: holes, spiny things, lasers and lawyers.
    Why are lawyers a threat?
    They don't have sense of rhythm.

    The rhythm flows regardless of what you do, as a line that goes through the grid.
    Once the line reaches the end, it loops back to the beginning, and the level starts over.
    Every loop is divided in a certain number of steps.
    The number of steps may vary (eight, twelve or sixteen in advanced levels).
    The number of rows does not vary.
    You have five rows.
    Each row is an instrument.
    The player can make an instrument play by tapping a square with his stylus.

    Every time the line bumps into an highlighted square, a sound is emitted and an action is performed by the robot.

    - Kick drum: he walks a step ahead.
    - Snare drum: he jumps.
    - Crash cymbal: he throws a punch.
    - Hi-hat: the body of the robot spin.
    - Tom: he slides down.

    Every action has a special impact in the game, especially when a sound is played together with another one.
    For example, to jump over a hole you have to play the kick drum and the snare at the same time.
    Snare and crash generate a flying kick.
    Hi-hat is useful to deflect lasers.
    Tom and then snare can make the robot take a long jump.
    Every combination will be introduced one by one in subsequent levels.
    Advanced levels will require a larger use of combinations of actions to be solved.

    Further in the game, the player will unlock a new interaction choice.
    Tapping with the stylus an highlighted (yellow) square, he will turn it into red.
    A red square will double a sound, and the corresponding action.
    This will make available double jump, running, double punch and so on, opening up new puzzle opportunities. 


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