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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: The New Sound

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  • "Jez," Bug Boogie

    Bug Boogie is a rhythm game where the player controls an alien bug, his goal is to complete each stage and score as many points as he can to be at the top of the online leader board. This is achieved by controlling the little bug and helping him spread his seed ( or larva) to as many female Boogie Bugs as possible. Once a certain amount of females have been impregnated then the player can choose to move onto the next area or if possible mate with more bugs for more points.

    The noises the player bug makes when the face buttons are pressed will be a musical instrument note or music sample to fit the current mating tune (music) of the female bug.

    There are seven different territories that the player can choose, one for each available music style- rock, hip Hop, metal, pop, jazz, blues, dance/electronic.

    Each territory has eight sectors that get progressively harder and are unlocked after the previous has been adequately completed.

    Once the player is in the sector he can see the various female bugs scattered throughout, he must decide where to spray his scent. Females within its radius are enabled so the player can start the mating ritual; any hidden females within with in it will become visible and susceptible.

    As the player approaches an enabled female he will see her pheromone rings and bubbles that surround her; the player must move to each inner ring after collecting its pheromone bubbles. However to stay within these rings the player must tap the correct face button in sync with the (music) coloured pulses that are emitted from the female.

    The pulse will have one of four colours to represent one of the four face buttons:-

    Blue- X

    Purple - Square

    Green - Triangle

    Red- Circle

    Each female can have one unique rhythmic sequence made from a combination of 4 to 6 colours depending on difficulty. How the player uses this sequence depends on the colour of a female bug-

    Green- the player has to constantly repeat the sequence in time with the pulse,

    Red- the player plays the sequence and then waits for the female to repeat before he repeats it,

    Yellow-These rare females have coloured pulses the first time the player connects to the outermost ring, after which the ellipses turn orange, the player will have to remember the combination to succeed.

    If the player presses the wrong button during a ritual then he is pushed to an outer ring, taking to long will lose possible bonuses.

    When the player reaches the female he will move on top of her, both will flash in time with the music but the female will make new sequences made of a combination of four colours which the player will have to repeat, this will last for about thirty seconds, the player's success at this will affect his score. When finished the player is free to move to the next female.


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