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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Rickroll

    - staff

  • Jeremy Kraner, Flashpoint Academy, Prankster

    The game is Prankster, an adventure genre based game in the styling of games like the Monkey Island series and Grim Fandango meets Bully. You play as the character Maximillion, a young child who has only been recently sent to Overton Hills Boarding School, a nightmarish place in the child's mind. His only chance of escape is to be kicked out, but since this is a school for trouble children, this will be easier said then done.

    The basic concept is to complete tricks on a series of teachers and employees, starting with the janitor and moving all the way up to the headmaster. These tricks, while benign in nature at first, will result in a very embarrassing result for the victim, resulting in their shameful defeat. And while this game may seem to more placed towards pranks and the usual tricks of children in boarding schools, the difference here is that Maximillion uses his brains for misdirection and deception as opposed to a simple break.

    The gameplay itself will be based on the idea of multiple stages leading up to the final "shame" scene, as it is. The first stage is that of research and information gathering, gaining intelligence on your intended target by talking to other students and teachers, following them through their daily routine, and reading their confidential files and clues. Next is the step of actually setting up the trap. This could result in a variety of tricks being set up, depending on the information that was gathered in the first stage. This will involve leaving misleading cues and hints for the target, leaving false information with other students and teachers, and even manipulating the schools environment.

    All of this culminates in some sort of public or broadcasted humiliation, such as being caught in the girls locker room, catching the person with someone other than their significant other, being dressed as a cheerleader, etc. The game will also feature mini games in order to gain extra information on the targets that results in special endings.

    While many of this might sound like leaning towards a more mature title, the major idea of this game is to retain a sense of humor and brevity. However, it will also teach the player to think of situations more critically and outside of the box, solving these "problems" in more unique ways with what's available at hand. Prankster will be all about tricking your opponents and leaving this school as Maximillion intends: as the most clever person there.


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