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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Rickroll

    - staff

  • Kiel Safstrom, Flashpoint Academy, Dunce

    The game Dunce lets players control Bob an employee at Gunko Inc. where the work day is filled with blinding fluorescent lights, hazy computers screens, and annoying employees. The other employees come off very needy, loud, and intrigued by the new guy, Bob. Gunko Inc. has not hired anybody new in 5 years. The company is 100 people strong besides their annoying features the company is very efficient and hard working. Bob on the other hand is lazy and childish. His brother Steve is an Executive at the company and gave Bob a job. The job is a pretty low paying for the amount of work he has to do. So he begins to pull pranks on his former employees to make them loosen up to cause the company to fail for the monthly quota.

    In game you control Bob who has to cause enough disruptions and pranks to get individuals side tracked. Pranks include from; shooting spit balls, throwing gum on the floor, shaking up sodas in the employee break room and using the copy machine to take copies of your butt, to pulling fire alarms and fake bomb threats. These pranks have a limited use because people can only distracted by these certain pranks every so often during the month. With each prank successfully done, the company slowly becomes off pace towards their monthly quota. The main goal is to start having Bob's brother Steve begin firing people at the beginning of each month. The last prank of the month Bob picks one in game character and needs to pull a prank to get that person fired.

    Prank includes hacking computer, continuously messing up their work space, to show messiness, to using their name on Company spending for the in game store to buy; whoopee cushions, clattering teeth, Chinese finger traps, fake cupouns for free lunches in the break room and ect.. When done ruining these employee's reputation they get evaluated by Steve on how well you made them seem like bad employees, but watch out the other in game characters might have a lot of senority with the company that can be excused for the deed or even revel it was actually Bob who had done it to them. Bob only has 2 chances to fail or he gets fired by his brother himself.

    Bob, if successful, gets a promotion and contiunes to ride up the employment ladder to take down his brother Steve, cleaning the way in the dog eat dog setting. If not succeful, game over. Besides the main goal of getting promotions it is also about how quickly you can get up the chain before you ruin Gunko Inc.'s reputation all together. Coming for the Nintendo DS XL, the touch pad gives which options to chose from in a timely manner before the work day is complete. Once completing the work day, your progress is shown on a scrolling Nasdaq report.


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