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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Time For Change

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  • Elendil "Shin" Cañete, Game Designer, Princess of Persia

    Art by Gabrielle "Beany" Mendez


    Princess of Persia is a game that offers the player a deeper and more strategic playstyle, a flexible movement system and a far more attractive protagonist compared to its original counterpart.

    Prince of Persia has been around for a very long time, and was known for its acrobatic and aggressive male protagonist. Princess of Persia aims to change that with its limber and more strategic heroine. Although lacking in physical prowess, the Princess possesses a sharp mind and the "Gauntlet of Guidance", a special glove that allows her to mark locations and enemy weak points with a magical beam of light.

    Accompanying the stalwart princess is Eliko, a trusty palace guard she met in her travels. Armed with a handy scimitar and a burly disposition, he follows the Princess' commands and the light from the Gauntlet of Guidance.

    Guidance System - Movement

    Princess of Persia features "Guidance", a mechanic which allows the player to command Eliko to do various tasks for the princess. Unlike Prince of Persia, this game takes away the initial control from the player and places him on a more strategic standpoint. He no longer has the comfort of simply proceeding from one location to another while his partner follows automatically; this time, the player must follow his partner closely while the computer controlled character performs each action given to him by the player.

    As the player progresses across a level, he will encounter various hotspots with action icons. The Princess can command Eliko to perform the displayed actions by facing the hotspot and holding down the gauntlet button. Eliko will then perform the action and the Princess can interact with him to execute a variety of movements.

    For example: a deep crevasse separates the pair from their destination. The only way to traverse this expanse is by way of navigating a series of stalactites and grip holes across the wall. The player must act fast in commanding Eliko to do these feats, while clinging on to him as he moves from one location to another.

    The player needs to think on his feet while guiding Eliko across locations. As opposed to Prince of Persia's rescue mechanic, if the Princess or Eliko falls because of a late Guidance command, they suffer the risk of death.

    Guidance System - Combat

    The Princess is a very limber individual, and her graceful movements allows her to perform fascinating evasive maneuvers which she needs to use to locate an enemy's vital point. Once a vital point has been found, the player can then press the gauntlet button to command Eliko to attack. The location of the vital point will then change, and the player must find it again until the enemy is defeated.

    End Note

    Princess of Persia emphasizes on the gameplay changes a female protagonist can make on a male dominated game. The Princess may not be much of a combatant compared to the battle-hardened prince, but she makes up for it in speed and grace, something delicate and female in nature.


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