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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: LCD Gamesystem

    - staff

  • John-Paul Clifton, QA Tester, The Wiper


    The player navigates The Wiper (the player-controlled character) across the face of a building cleaning windows while avoiding hazards.


    The Wiper can be moved by pressing the directional pad in one of four directions. Since The Wiper has no weapons, the player must avoid hazards. The Wiper can clean a dirty window by pressing the wipe button. Windows have three stages of dirt, for each stage the player must press the wipe button one more time (stage 1 is one press, stage 2 is two and stage 3 is three). The window must be fully cleaned before moving on, if the player moves on the dirt level will continue from previous state.

    Screen Information:

    A) This indicates how many extra lives the player has, the player starts with three extra lives. An extra life can be gained for every 10,000 points earned, up to a maximum of four.

    B) This is the player's total points. Points are given to the player for each window cleaned (see C.).

    C) There are three levels of dirty windows. The first (one line) is worth 100 points, the second (three lines) is worth 300 points, and the third (five lines) is worth 500 points. The dirt level grows from the first to the second to the third in 3 second intervals. A new dirty window will appear once every 2 seconds. If the player is able to clear all windows on the screen they will receive a 5,000 point bonus. The 5,000 point bonus can be gained again once more than 3 windows have become dirty.

    D) This is The Wiper (the two different frames are shown). The players character animates between these two images when cleaning a window. These two images simulate The Wiper wiping the window clean.

    E) These three objects (a bird, a paper airplane, and a bowling ball) are the hazards The Wiper must avoid these objects while navigating across the face of the building. Each hazard enters the screen from a different direction, the bird enters from the left and travels to the right, the bowling ball enters from the top and drops to the bottom, while the paper airplane enters from the right and travels to the left.



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