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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: LCD Gamesystem

    - staff

  • Guillaume Woillez, Student at Supinfogame, Game Design and Product Managment school, Play the Drums!

    This LCD game concept will make you feel like a real drum-hero.

    At the center of the screen is the drum kit. From the beginning to the end of the game session, the player must push the big right button (jump) with a constant rate. The rate is determined by the difficulty of the game, based on the player score.

    Rhythm indications will appear from above, bottom and each side of the screen and will gradually move to the drum kit. When a rhythm indication reaches the drum kit, the player must press the controller button corresponding to the side of the screen the indication is coming from. For example, when a rhythm indication coming from the left reaches the drum kit, the player must press the controller left button.

    The indications speed is based on the rhythm the player must follow with the big right button (jump).

    Points are awarded to the player for each in-time push on the right button. The difficulty of the game increases with the player score.

    Victory condition: there is no real victory. The player must play until he loses. At the end, the highscore is the player's victory.

    Failure condition: the player is allowed to miss two notes. If he misses a third one, the game session ends and the score is saved if better than the previous best one.

    Why is this concept truly designed for a LCD Gamesystem ? :
    Not only does the concept respect the screen restrictions (specific images imprinted onto the screen), it also uses those restrictions as a rhythm base for the player, which is perfect for rhythm game. The technical restrictions do serve the concept, providing the rhythm base the player needed.


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