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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: LCD Gamesystem

    - staff

  • Cesar Hernandez, Computer Science Student, Sam Houston State University, Locksmith

    Locksmith is a time based puzzle game designed to be a dedicated LCD game. The object of the game is to create keys to unlock the gates before the time runs out. Beware, however, that if you create the wrong key, you fail your mission!

    Sample Level:

    How to play:

    -You begin with a starting key (shown here in red). Your key moves as a whole in the direction you push the D-Pad. The object of the game is to forge a key that can unlock the gates that are enclosing you in a given area. To unlock a gate, simply have your key covering all keyholes simultaneously in that given area. If this happens, a gate will open, or if all gates are already open, you will have successfully beaten the level .

    -Beware! You must chose the shape of your key carefully, just because your key works in one area, it doesn't mean that it will work in the next area! You must carefully plan ahead to make sure your key will carry you through the entire level. Think quickly, because the clock is ticking down- if time runs out, you will fail your mission!

    Remember, once you fuse something onto your key, you cannot remove it.

    Locksmith is open for countless amounts of level configurations - the game can be playable to casual and core gamers because the difficulty can be easily modified by the design of the map, the amount of time allowed to solve a lock, the number of lives given to the player, and the number of key holes printed on the map. (More keyholes gives you a better idea of what shape your key needs to be, making the game easier). It is also short and simple enough to play in small bursts on the bus ride home. Locksmith is a perfect fit for the LCD platform.


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