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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: 15 Disks

    - staff

  • Ryan George, Game Design Student at Columbia College Chicago

    The List is a bundle of 15, small, standalone games with an underlying narrative that ties them all together.  The games follow Micah Johnson on his journey to live out all of his lifelong goals.

    Gameplay- Virtual Pet
    Perspective - Multiple: Top down/2D Side Scrolling/ Point & Click UI
    Player Abilities - Feed puppy, Go on walks, Teach tricks
    Objective - Raise and play with Butterbean the Welsh Corgi puppy!

    Gameplay - Creatively build a functioning home
    Perspective - top down angled
    Player Abilities - Place Wood, Brick, Steel
    Objective - Complete the home and gain points! Points are tallied up based off of creativity, functionality, and how resilient the home is.

    Gameplay - Preform airborne tricks.  Unlock more complex tricks by beating top scores.
    Perspective - Mid-Character range, Top Down
    Player Abilities - Different button combinations preform different tricks.  The more complex the trick the more points it is worth.
    Objective - Score the highest score in the shortest amount of time possible.

    Gameplay - 2D Platformer
    Perspective - 2D Side Scrolling
    Player Abilities - Run, Jump, Grapple
    Objective - Scale Mt Everest by beating 8 levels (each level represents a day of climbing)

    Gameplay - Time sensitive, point-click adventure.
    Perspective - Point-Click // First Person Static Display
    Player Abilities - Navigate terrain, various click-activated actions
    Objective - Save as many lives as possible after a Natural Disaster.

    By Foot
    Gameplay - Turn Based RPG, become "experienced" by talking and learning about people/cultures.
    Perspective - Top Down
    Player Abilities - Navigate the world map, Talk, Defend (against wild animals), Flee,
    Objective - Players must travel from Johannesburg (S. Africa) to Moscow (Russia) on foot.

    Gameplay - 2D Brawler
    Perspective - 2D Side Scrolling
    Player Abilities - Punch, Kick, Jump, Navigate
    Objective - Players must prove they are worthy of their ninja training by fending off multiple dangerous enemies

    Gameplay - First Person Boxing
    Perspective - First Person
    Player Abilities - Navigate gamespace, various punches
    Objective - Fight your way through the Boxing ranks and take down a Heavyweight Champion.

    Gameplay - Creature Creator/Puzzle
    Perspective - Point-Click UI
    Player Abilities - Assemble dinosaur skeletons
    Objective - construct their own creature from the bones they've uncovered.

    Gameplay - Narrative-heavy adventure
    Perspective - Point-Click UI
    Player Abilities - Communicate, Collect Clues
    Objective - Unravel the terrorist plot

    Gameplay - Action-Stealth
    Perspective - Top Down
    Player Abilities - Navigate, Knock-Out (must be behind enemy)
    Objective - Infiltrate N. Korea, avoid guards and find a way to prank the "Great Leader"

    Gameplay - 2D Stealth
    Perspective - 2D Side Scroller
    Player Abilities - Run, Jump, Step into Background (if possible)
    Objective - Sneak through a famous museum and steal a priceless diamond

    Extreme Hunter
    Gameplay - Point-Click Action + Quick Time Events
    Perspective - First Person
    Player Abilities - Various abilities triggered through game QTE's
    Objective - Knife fight a shark, then a bear, followed by a Lion.  All on their home turf.

    Lunar Decimation
    Gameplay - Tower Defense
    Perspective - Top Down
    Player Abilities - Deploy various defenses
    Objective - Defend Micah's base until his Moon-Laser is ready to fire!

    Gameplay - 2D Space Shooter
    Perspective - 2D Side Scroller
    Player Abilities - Shoot lasers, Navigate
    Objective - Navigate Micah's vessel to the nearest black hole.


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