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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: 15 Disks

    - staff

  • Warren Tang

    One of the hallmarks of 3.25" gaming for me were the various Olympic games (incl. California[??]). Crack your knuckles and flex your wrists for new meets old.

    Neo-Modern Indoor Pentakaidecathlon aka Office Olympics

    The ancient Greeks set the standard for measures of athletic prowess in the Olympic Games, but we don't need to run tens of kilometres anymore, and we never actually ever had to soar over long distances on skis. Even the delineation of seasons is outdated - in the comfort of climate-controlled buildings, temperature is merely a matter of preference.

    Instead, the rigours of office life demand a new type of athlete - one whose dextrous, touch-typing fingers are more valuable than bulging biceps, whose caffeine infusions are performance-enhancing but legal, and whose 100m dash is only as valuable as his ability to dodge pedestrians en route to an escaping bus.

    The modern decathlon is now a misnomer- the Neo-Modern Indoor Pentakaidecathlon is built to challenge a truly modern athlete, and is composed of five areas of competition:

    AREA A: Commute

    EVENT #1: Rush Hour Driving Pole Position in a Ford Taurus at 2-4 mph, with little room to avoid your road-raging companions' frantic lane changes.
    EVENT #2: Biking to Work It's speed vs. reaction time as you weave past non-signalling drivers, door surprises, potholes, and aggressive bike messengers.
    EVENT #3: Catching the Bus An alternating-button-mashing side-scroller; the spacebar is used to leap peers who have tripped and other sidewalk hazards.  

    AREA B: Typing

    EVENT #4: Keyboard
    A meeting's participants are spewing dialogue across the screen. Transcribe it into your laptop.
    EVENT #5: SmartPhone Same meeting; no laptop. Pull out your iPhone/BB/Android/etc. Your two keen thumbs are separately controlled by the mouse and the arrow keys.
    EVENT #6: iTap on Flip Phone Predictive text may be nearly gone, but so is hurling a javelin. Your iPhone is in the shop. Deal with it.

    AREA C: Focusing

    EVENT #7: Working From Home Read and summarize a report while clicking away the distractions - feed your newborn babe, ogle your neighbour's trophy wife doing a bikini carwash, and keep the mouse moving or you'll start to doze off and the screen will slowly go blurry and dark.
    EVENT #8: Stay Awake! It's the 6th meeting of the day and your boss arrives. It's hard java time. Inside your brain, put that coffee to work by clicking on adenosine receptors to block them before the adenosine can get there. 
    EVENT #9: Conquer Coffee Jitters Perform a mail merge while your mouse jitters uncontrollably.

    AREA D: Feeding

    EVENT #10: Lunch "Break" GTA top-down view. Find the cheapest meal for each day of the week within 15 minutes. Navigate health code violations and street closures. Learn the city, its' shortcuts, and the restaurants' daily deals to excel.
    EVENT #11: Speed Eating Click to answer the phone, put out email fires, and slap away your neighbour's hungry fingers in between clicking rapidly on your sandwich to wolf it down. 
    EVENT #12: Restrooms and Reputations Binge eating and coffee-reliance means frequent bathroom breaks. In this Castle Wolfenstein-style thriller, preserve your hard-working image by answering nature's call without your angry boss or nosy coworkers noticing you. 

    AREA E: Downtime

    EVENT #13: Water Cooler Small Talk Choose the correct dialogue responses to seem interested in your boss's dumb stories, try to understand the gossip's summary of office romances, flirt with the new temp, and try to bring a near-postal co-worker back from the edge. 
    EVENT #14: Golf Lose to your boss by a polite, but not embarrassing, margin.
    EVENT #15: Sleep In a dream, you must drag work thoughts out of your mind and guide fluffy sheep over the fence of slumber.


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