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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: 15 Disks

    - staff

  • Peter Dwyer, Flash Developer, 15 Parts to a Life

    The concept - 15 games themed around the life of a would be hero.

    The games. Numbers represent disks

    1. Peter Perfection: Inception
    A themed shoot-em-up, where the player pilots a single sperm as it heads towards the egg and thus the creation of our hero Peter Perfection.

    2. House of Danger.
    An exploration game where we guide a baby Peter through a house in order to get to the garden. His awake meter is slowly draining so he needs to collect milk bottles to restore his energy. Also toying with a time limit idea after which the mother catches Peter and it's Game over.

    3. Peter vs The Plant.
    Peter (still a baby) must explore the garden and kill some weeds. Plays like a version of the old game and watch greenhouse game.

    4. Peter vs The Bully.
    Peter is now at school and must fight a series of school bullies to save the innocent children of Perfect Pre-School. This game is in the theme of a beat em up but, with the one hit rounds of International Karate.

    5. Peter vs The Examiner.
    This is a strange  quiz game where the objective is to get Peter through a board game by answering the various educational questions.

    6. Peter Perfection in Grand Theft Rhino!
    This one is a racing game with a zoo theme. The graphics and gameplay closely mirror those of the Amiga version of outrun. Instead of cars we have Peter on the back of various zoo animals. The player can unlock different animals based on their times to the finish line. The idea is to simply get to the end of the course, thereby rescuing the poached animal you were riding.

    7. Peter vs Paiter
    This is another beat em up but, in the theme of streets of rage. Peter must face off with his evil nemesis (the first time we introduce Paiter Pretention).

    8. Paitinvaders
    Simply space invaders with a Peter Perfection theme i.e. bullies coming down the screen while a small top down Peter fires fists upwards at them. If a bully lands the game is over.

    9. Office War.
    We take a break from Peter's hero life to throw him into an office. This is a castle wolfenstein style 3D game where the object is to escape from the office to have lunch, while avoiding the Boss. Weapons include staple guns, ninja style paperclips and the dreaded BFB A chalk infused board rubber that when thrown will take out everything within it's dust cloud. I'll leave you to work out what the BF part of BFB stands for.

    10. Office Wars 2.
    This time Peter needs to get to the meeting room to give a presentation. New additions include a simple lock picking mini game and some elevator re-wiring mini games.

    11. Dream land Peter.
    A text adventure with a few hi-res pictures for the key locations. The theme is that Peter has fallen asleep at his desk and you must solve the dreamland adventure in order to wake him up. Make too many mistakes in solving the puzzles and the boss will find Peter asleep and fire him!

    12. Pilot Peter
    Peter goes through pilot training in this pilot wings style game, where the object is to fly a plane through a series of rings, parachute onto targets and eventually unlock a free flight mode.

    13. The Tomb of King Stut.
    A 3D exploration game in the mould of driller. The player moves through the rooms, triggering switches and altering the tomb layout in order to stop the resurrection of the dreaded King Stut. 

    14. Operation Pork
    An operation Wolf style on rails shooter where peter must shoot poachers and save endangered animals. Arguably the most violent in the series.

    15. Mortal Coils.
    The finale of the Peter Perfection series. Peter is dead! Yea D-E-A-D. The player must guide poor peter up to heaven in a bug a boo style cloud jumping game with a simple airy tune and simple relaxing graphics of skies and clouds. The end of the game is when Peter's Soul reaches the great golden gates.


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