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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: 15 Disks

    - staff

  • Andrew Wagoner, Student at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy

    Floppy disk 1- It's a stealth game where you are the Lock Ness monster. You have to come up for air and avoid being spotted by boats and tourists.

    Floppy disk 2- You are a giraffe in a thunder storm. You have to avoid being getting hit by lighting by not being the tallest thing. You would be able to duck for a limited time and would have to find new trees taller than you after they get struck.

    Floppy disk 3- You are a spider in a web. You have to eat small bugs and repair holes made by larger bugs.

    Floppy disk 4- you are a monkey and you have to race to the top of the tree against another monkey to get to the banana.

    Floppy disk 5- You are an ant eater standing over an ant hill. You have to time your tong to eat ants and avoid eating beetles.

    Floppy disk 6- You are a male penguin protecting an egg. You must stand and brace against the wind and snow with button presses.

    Floppy disk 7- You are a circus elephant. You must balance on a ball and avoid crushing the audience and you trainer.

    Floppy disk 8- You are a baby duck. You must follow you mother's movements. You can't be too close or too far away.

    Floppy disk 9- You are a sheepdog. You must herd the sheep into their pen.

    Floppy disk 10- You are a rabbit working for multiple magicians. You must appear on cue from their hats. Each magician would have a different button and you would press it to appear in their hat.

    Floppy disk 11- You are a cockroach on the floor. You must avoid getting stepped on and collect food.

    Floppy disk 12- You are a raccoon. You must get to the trash can in the alley avoiding the dog. Then eat the food in trash and escape.

    Floppy disk 13-You are a mole. You must make you tunnel system as big as you can before you are exterminated by the home owner.

    Floppy disk 14- It's a game were you are a pigeon pooping on everything to get points. You have to avoid other birds and eat food to poop more.

    Floppy disk 15- You are a dinosaur avoiding the meteors hitting the earth. You must run and avoid them for as long as you can.


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