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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: 15 Disks

    - staff

  • Emily Greenquist, Student at Tribeca Flashpoint

    The following are whimsical games for women, focusing on deeply odd conceptual delights. 

    1) "Hamburger Walk Off" - the player dresses hamburgers with the usual toppings (lettuce, onions, tomato), in addition to human-like accoutrements (feather boa, dew rag, A-line skirt).  While walking the fashion runway, points (and extra outfit pieces) are received by accurately repeating movements and poses.   

    2) "Mullet Manners" - (similar to the card game Memory) at a cocktail party, the player prompts people to turnaround by tapping on their shoulders, thus getting a full look at their mullets.  Finding a set of twins, prompts them to move into the next room (example: the dining room for dinner); tapping on someone's shoulder more than three times results in them being insulted and leaving the party.  Rounds increase in difficulty, with the last being a series of dripping wet mullets in the swimming pool. 

    3) "Jungle Freefall" - an uptight ornithologist (scientist bird watcher) is perched atop the tallest tree in the Amazon rainforest, taking photographs of a harpy eagle.  The branch breaks and she must awkwardly fall from large leaf to large leaf.  Navigate her downward path without disturbing any of the wildlife, and she will receive her own T.V. show, honoring her epic (and secretly recorded) journey down to the forest floor. 

    4) "Roof Ballroom Bounce" - in an ornate building, prom attendees play roofball with a beach ball and the top covering of a casino-themed spiked fruit punch bowl booth. 

    5) "Tuesday" - the player attempts to wow a crowd during a karaoke session in time for her husband to get home from his daily power jog.  Gameplay consists of quickly guessing the correct odd lyrics to 80s songs (ranging from classics to the obscure). 

    6) "Teddy Bear Date Night" - in a text adventure, a woman makes the best of another lonely night by taking her favorite teddy bear out for a date - navigate the city, avoid traffic, arrive at reservations on time, do not get caught throwing popcorn at the movies.  If the player successfully avoids getting arrested by midnight, she meets her dream date at the local park, while splashing in the soap bubble filled fountain. 

    7) "The Ransacking of Mrs. Margaret's Tea Pots" - as an 8 year old girl, the player sneaks into a supposed haunted house on a dare, and must find a lost toy in one of the many hidden ceramic teapots. 

    8) "30 and Surly" - (likened to King Kong), atop the Sears Tower, a husky woman must swat away helicopters that attempt to bomb her with fashion magazines, makeup, and diet pills.  A special attack includes a deafening yell heard as a series of bleeped words and causes all nearby foes to cover their bleeding ears and temporarily retreat. 

    9) "Marmalade Cat" - the player is a mischievous cat that snuck into the pantry and is covered in marmalade.  The player rolls around, licking off jelly and pawing off other kitchen items that stick to the gooey body.    

    10) "Rescue the Prince" - a female mechanic climbs a clock tower, fixing motorized puzzles in order to save her opera singer boyfriend, who is caught in the hands of the clock. 

    11) "The Commute" - a business woman (meticulously dressed to impress) races to get to work on time by "borrowing" a crying neighborhood kid's Big Wheel.  Damage from uprooted squires, sprinklers, and bullies rolling around in laughter result in appearance changes - disheveled hair, ripped skirt, missing teeth, etc.  The less professional the player looks at the end of the level dictates the success of her shareholder meeting.  Successful meetings provide more money for more protection during the commute - hairspray, clear nail polish for nylon rips, etc. 

    12) "Bastet's Rescue Run"- as a mother lioness in ancient Egypt, the player participates in gauntlet mazes for the amusement of Egyptian royalty.  With her cub safely hanging from Bastet's mouth, gameplay consists of deftly navigating a constructed maze while avoiding spears, pitfalls, and cage traps. 

    13) "Patchwork Path" - as a Choose your Own Adventure variation, the player navigates a story via her great-grandmother's crazy quilt.  Beginning with a specific patch that shows the player's great-grandmother as a stylish teenager in the 1920's, the player then chooses her great-grandmother's story path by selecting one of the patches touching the first - will she stay home to help her mother with the laundry or slip out to the local speakeasy?  Each choice results in additional story path options, until the player reaches the other side of the quilt.  Will her grandmother's true love be her future husband, or has she been pining over a secret love for decades and will she shower her descendants with riches or infamy? 

    14) "100% Legit" - at a Slick Rick concert in 1996, the player talks to audience members, asking them questions about how to get back stage.  Some are lying and some will help you if you help them.  Do you have the "skills to pay the bills" and get backstage to the after paper of your life? 

    15) "How the PTA was Won" - a heated debate over a potential change in school mascot (from Herby the Hamster to Gilda the Guinea Pig), causes a bevy of soccer moms to unabashedly throw things at each other.  Like a grown-up and completely uncivilized snow fight, the player must throw anything at their disposal (cookies, trumpets, children), while avoiding the same from the other side.  The winning side gets their picture taken with the preferred mascot and their extremely embarrassed child.  


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