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  • Interview: Mick Gordon

    - Darren Yeow

  • 1:30pm - Back to work.

    I check my morning's worth of tracks to make sure they don't suck then I send them off to the developers. Cross that task off the list.

    2:00pm - The groovy peeps at EA has asked me to put together some tunes for Need for Speed: World.

    Time to get stuck into one of these bad-boys.

    2:30pm - No longer in bug mode.

    Now in grit and grease mode. AWESOME!

    3:00pm - Love working on this stuff -- fun music, and I feel like recording some Guitar!

    3:30pm - Got very inspired with the guitar and am going to attempt to make as much of this track out of Guitar as possible.

    Someone at GDC this year asked me what my "thing" was and I feel it's musical design.

    "Musical Design" is basically the process of making music out of non-musical things, or using musical things in a completely different way.

    Turning a squawking bird into a cool sonic riff, messing with Trombones until they sound like a pipe-organ from Hell, using a Violin bow on a music stand to scare people or throwing a cheap microphone down a stairwell. Anything to create new and exciting sounds!

    For this track, I'm going to trying a make everything out of Guitar, but not make it all sound like a guitar.

    4:00pm - Meeting time!

    An awesomely talented colleague/client pops around to talk about a new project.

    4:30pm - Engine evaluation with said colleague. Holy crap CryEngine 3 is cool.

    5:00pm - Meeting goes well, back to NFS World and messing with Guitars.

    5:30pm - Track not quite finished, but off to an awesome start.

    6:00pm - Break time!

    It's completely mad to sit in a studio chair all day so I try to get out and do some exercise each night. Bought myself a cheap dodgy bike -- off for a ride around the city!

    6:30pm - Ride went well. Don't feel like cooking...again, do feel like Indian.

    7:00pm - Veggie Korma and settle in to watch an episode of The Pacific.

    7:30pm - Ha cool! That's Gary Sweet! We recorded him for a part in Edge of Twilight. Have a little cry.

    8:00pm - Go over new emails.

    I used to have emails open all day but I found it was way too distracting.

    I now restrict myself to checking emails three times a day when possible.

    Have about five projects on at the moment so it's important to keep a pretty strict schedule with these things!

    8:30pm - Social event to head to, this time at a University.

    Have a shower, change out of "studio uniform" and jump on the bus.

    9:00pm - Meeting, greeting, chatting, catching up.

    See someone that I haven't seen in five years, someone else I used to work with at Pandemic and a bunch of people who I'm currently working with.

    9:30pm - Meeting a bunch of cool people with awesome ideas and passion -- always inspiring.

    10:00pm - Event finishes and I leave with a pocketful of business cards and a few demos to check out.

    10:30pm - Return home. Go through cards and email the people I've just met.

    11:00pm - Chill out for a little bit reading Cormac Macarthy's "The Road".

    11:30pm - Sleep!


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