In this track, students will understand the key components of game design and development using C++, Unity3D, and the Unreal Development Kit.

Students will also learn game engine programming and integration. In time, students will be able to develop games for the PC, consoles, Web, and mobile devices such as iPhone and Android Smartphones. At the end of the program, they will develop a fully-functional commercial game.

The program covers the five areas of Fundamentals of Game Development, Game Design, Game Programming, Game Production, and Project Management.

The program is based upon the official International Game Developers Association educational curriculum for colleges and universities.

Upon completion of the program, students will be ready to accept employment that are geared toward the following game-related job roles:

    • Technical - AI, Network, Database, Graphics, Game Engine and Tools Programmers
      • Artistic - 3D Model and Character Animators and Riggers, 2D Texture Artists
        • Production - Game Production Leads and Game Concept Development

        Course Listing:

        1st Semester:

          • Game Development I: Introduction (Flash)
          • Game Development II: Ludology
          • Game Development III: Narratology
          • Game Programming I: Unity3D
          • Game Design I: Introduction
          • Game Design II: Audio, Visual and UI
          • Game Art I: 2D Texturing
          • Game Art II: Intro to 3D Modeling
          • Game Mathematics and Physics
          • Project Management
          • Game Production Management I 

          2nd Semester:

            • Game Programming II: C++
            • Game Programming III (Integrative)
            • Game Programming IV (Mobile)
            • Game Programming V (Console)
            • Advanced Game Technology I: Graphics
            • Advanced Game Technology II: Databases
            • Advanced Game Technology III: AI
            • Advanced Game Technology IV: Networking and Server Tech
            • Game Art II: Advanced 3D Modeling II
            • Game Design III: Level Design
            • Game Production Management II
            • Students have the option of taking 1 year of intensive Japanese Language instruction on-site in preparation for JLPT N5 and N4 examination.