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  • Champlain College

    -- Burlington, Vermont 
  • 163 S Willard St
    Burlington, Vermont 05401
  • 802-860-2727
  • [email protected]
  • Game Design (BSc, Game Design requires a broad range of knowledge from psychology to game engine scripting. You will find this depth throughout the curriculum and you'll have plenty of options to specialize in Game System Design, Level/Content Design, and or Narrative Design., 4 Years)
    For a position in Game Design

    Game Art and Animation (Game Artists begin with a foundation in traditional media. This includes drawing, painting, visual design, and motion design. From these building blocks students can choose many areas to specialize: 2D graphics, animation, and interface design, and 3D modelin, 4 Years)
    For a position in Art / Animation

    Game Programming (BSc, Do you have a passion and talent for logic, math, and and programming? Do you love deconstructing games and their systems to figure out how they are built? Are you creative and do you enjoy problem solving to find the best solutions? You may be a Game Program, 4 Years)
    For a position in Programming / Software Engineering

    Production (Do you have a passion for making games and want to see them succeed? Do you love working with other people and helping them to be productive? Are you a leader and do you have a talent for getting people to work together? You may be a Game Producer. )
    For a position in Production (Producer)

  • Campus:Yes         Online: No
  • In state: 0 US Dollars (USD) per Semester
    Out of state: 0 US Dollars (USD) per Semester
    Non-US National (Overseas Students): 0 US Dollars (USD) per Semester
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • 12:1
  • Individuals who are successful in the Champlain College Game Development majors possess strong skills in creativity, communication, technical application, and innovation. As a part of the admission process into the Game Design major, we want to ensure incoming students possess these skills so that they can build on these strengths to meet the demanding needs in these exciting fields. Please review the requirements in your chosen field.