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  • Foothill College

    -- Los Altos Hills, CA 
  • 12345 El Monte Rd.
    Los Altos Hills, CA 94022
  • (650) 949-7777
  • [email protected]
  • Music Technology (Associate's, Certificate/Diploma, A.A. Degree in Music Technology, and Certificates in Music Technology and Pro Tools, 2 Years)
    For a position in Audio Design

  • Campus:Yes         Online: Yes
  • In state: 1536 US Dollars (USD) per Year
    Out of state: 6351 US Dollars (USD) per Year
    Non-US National (Overseas Students): 6351 US Dollars (USD) per Year
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • 24:1
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    The Foothill College Music Technology Program offers a comprehensive course of study that leads to an A.A. Degree in Music Technology, and Certificates of Achievement in Pro Tools and Music Technology. Both on-campus and online courses in recording arts, digital audio production, game audio, songwriting, music business, and digital video are available at times that fit your schedule. Foothill College students enjoy one of the newest facilities in Northern California - our InterDisciplinary Arts Center has 30 workstations where students from every area of the arts work side-by-side. Foothill gives students the core skills needed to succeed in the music, film, and game industries. And at just $31/unit for California residentsFoothill is the best-kept secret in higher education. We are an Avid Learning Partner, FMOD Learning Partner, offer Waves Plug-In Certification, sponsor the Annual West Coast Songwriter's Conference, and enroll over 400 students per quarter.


    IDEA Lab

    IDEA Lab

    Students have access to individual workstations in our classes, each of which features the latest version of Pro Tools HD, Sibelius, Reason, Final Cut X, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Creative Cloud, Unity Pro, and NetMix Pro along with a professional sound effects library from Sound Librarian and BlastwaveFX.


    Studio A

    Students in our studio classes also have access to Studio A with a 24 Channel D-Command Control Surface and an Avid Pro Tools HDX system, 24 channels of HD I/O, Grace and API mic pre-amps, and Genelec surround monitoring. Our Studio B offers a C24 control surface, an Avid Pro Tools HD Native system paired with an OMNI I/O, and JBL surround monitoring. We have a full compliment of high end microphones, outboard gear, field recording gear, and plug-ins, and one of the best sounding live rooms in the Bay Area - in fact we won a California Music Award in 1998 for engineering the "World Beat Album Of The Year" in Studio 1100!. Here, you can earn your A.A. completely online, partially online, or completely on campus - you can design a course of study that fits your lifestyle, location or work schedule. Want to take online classes but still want access to our lab and studio? No problem. Schedule a campus tour to see what Foothill can do for you!

    Game related courses include (see descriptions below):

    • MUS11F - Video Games and Popular Culture

    • MUS50D - Introduction to the Video Game Business

    • MUS84A - Introduction to Game Audio

    • MUS84B - Advanced Sound Design for Games

    • MUS84C - Music Composition for Games

    Course Descriptions:

    • MUS11F - Video Games and Popular Culture
      • The impact of games and game technology on popular culture. Topics will include early history including the first games and their broader impact on the development of computer technologies, the birth of the arcade game beginning with Atari's Pong and resulting in a multi-billion dollar industry, eight generations of home video game consoles from the Magnavox Odyssey through the present day, the appearance of the home computer and its impact on video games, the evolution of the handheld game console from simple LCD games through current mobile devices , and online gaming from the early dial-up bulletin board systems through the current massively multi-player online roll-playing games. For each historical era, the influence of video games on popular culture will be demonstrated through film, television, and music.
    • ​MUS50D - Introduction to the Video Game Business
      • ​Introduction to the video game business including how games are designed, manufactured,marketed and distributed. Examines the differences between game publishers and game developers. Breaks down different career paths in the industry and how their roles are integrated such as producers, artists, programmers, marketers, testers, etc. Covers the various market places for games and how they differ.
    • ​MUS84A - Introduction to Game Audio
      • ​Recording, editing and mastering sound for games and interactive multimedia. Working with dialog, scripts, sound effects, foley, ambient backgrounds, loops, elastic audio, tempo matching, digital processing and plug-ins. Producing game music, layering, splicing, mixing cinematic audio. Deliver game audio formats to commercial players and end users. Hands-on experience with professional examples of game audio production soundtracks and workflows including Sony Computer Entertainment and Microsoft Game Studios. Part of Avid Pro Tools Certification training program.
    • ​MUS84B - Advanced Sound Design for Games
      • ​Designing and implementing sound effects for games and interactive media. Recording custom sound effects and working with commercial sound effects libraries. Advanced techniques for designing hard effects, foley sounds, and ambient backgrounds. Industry-standard workflows for sound effects implementation with audio middleware solutions. Hands-on experience with professional examples of game audio sound design on desktop, console, and mobile platforms.
    • ​MUS84C - Music Composition for Games
      • ​Composing, orchestrating, and implementing music for games and interactive multimedia. Fundamental composition and orchestration techniques for strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion. Mixing and mastering finished compositions for optimal interactivity. Industry-standard workflows for interactive music implementation with sophisticated audio middleware solutions. Hands-on experience with professional examples of game music on desktop, console, and mobile platforms.