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  • Seattle Film Institute

    -- Seattle, WA 
  • 3210 16th Ave W
    Seattle, WA 98119
  • (206) 568-4387
  • [email protected]
  • Digital Arts, Animation and Game Design (BA/BGA, 3 Years)
    For a position in Game Design

    Digital Arts, Animation and Game Design (BA/BGA )
    For a position in Art / Animation

  • Campus:Yes         Online: Yes
  • In state: 7560.00 US Dollars (USD) per Quarter
    Out of state: 7560.00 US Dollars (USD) per Quarter
    Non-US National (Overseas Students): 7560.00 US Dollars (USD) per Semester
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • 15:1
  • Digital Arts, Animation, & Game Design: Hands-on building digital worlds in a studio environment. SFI is the destination for students who are ready to turn their dreams and aspirations into reality. The Digital Arts, Animation & Game Design concentration provides a comprehensive overview of media arts, animation, and game design principles where students learn the development pipeline from concept to completion. Students complete projects in a hands-on, studio environment which is industry-focused and practical. Learn foundational skills, then choose an area of specialization and build your portfolio and demo reel. Seattle Film Institute offers the only degree granting program in Digital Art, Animation & Game Design in Seattle. Program Highlights Gain Experience Building Digital Worlds • Digital Imaging and Animation • Visual Effects & Motion Graphics • 3D Animation • Storyboarding • Modeling and Texturing • Game Design Hands-on and Project-Based • Learn industry tools such as game engines, digital manipulation and visual effects software. • Choose an area of specialty and develop your portfolio. • Create a game demo from start to finish. Career-Focused and Professionally-Driven • Develop a professional portfolio and demo reel. • Craft a work-related resume and professional website. Career Services and Coaching All our students benefit from SFI’s commitment to career services and coaching. SFI helps our students gain valuable professional experience, contacts, and take the critical first steps toward launching their careers.